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Alternative 2

Alternative 2 is to fully optimize ten existing Air Force MOAs to address existing and future training deficiencies. Specific proposed changes include:

    • Updating the published times of use for all ten of the MOAs to better align with how they are currently used (see note below)
    • Expanding the size of Tombstone MOA.
    • Lowering the floor of Tombstone MOA to 100 feet above ground level (AGL) and lowering the floors of Outlaw, Jackal, Bagdad, and Gladden MOAs to 500 feet AGL.
    • Authorizing the use of chaff in Tombstone MOA.
    • Lowering the altitude for releasing flares in Tombstone, Outlaw, Jackal, Bagdad, and Gladden MOAs to 2,000 feet AGL.
    • Authorizing supersonic speed down to 5,000 feet AGL in Tombstone, Outlaw, Jackal, Morenci, and Reserve MOAs.

A note about the “published times of use”: Alternatives 2, 3, and 4 include an administrative change to the published times of use in the aeronautical charts for all ten MOAs. Some of the MOAs are routinely used outside of the current published times of use through notices to airmen (NOTAMs). The proposed changes to the published times would better align with how the MOAs are currently used and reduce the need for NOTAMs on a routine basis. In addition, the proposed changes would make the published times of use for contiguous MOAs and those that are almost always scheduled together consistent, which would improve scheduling.

Please review the Summary of Alternatives by Airspace to obtain more details on how all of these proposed changes affect each MOA.

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